Friday, August 4, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:30 pm

Square One, Bonifacio Technology Center
31st Street, BGC


When one of our clients wanted to revamp their digital strategy, he wasn’t so pleased with what their agency had to offer. 

So rather than wait for other agencies to pitch, he decided to open his own Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager account. 

Within a few days, he was running his own search ads and conversion campaigns on both platforms. 

A simple start became a major leap: today, his company has its own in-house digital and e-commerce team.

To craft a digital strategy, CEOs and senior executives must immerse themselves in what Google and Facebook can really do.  

This one-day workshop is specifically designed for CEOs and senior executives who know that digital is crucial for their business, but would like a clearer understanding of the underlying marketing tools, taught in a simple and practical way. 

Each session makes use of guided, hands-on learning without becoming too technical - ensuring that you learn enough of the basics to get literate in digital, while keeping sight of its impact to your bottomline. 

Our guarantee: spend one day with us, and you'll learn the key principles to thrive in the next three years. 

Facebook & Google accounted for close to 80% of digital advertising growth

Facebook & Google accounted for close to 80% of digital advertising growth

In this one day workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. How Google and Facebook actually work, and why they’re accounting for 80% of all digital advertising growth. 
  2. The key principles CEOs and CMOs need to know about digital marketing. 
  3. How advertising on Google works - across search, display, and video ads - through a guided, hands-on exercise where you’ll create your own Google search ads.
  4. How advertising on Facebook works - across multiple targeting tools and ad formats - through a guided, hands-on exercise where you’ll create your own Facebook ads. 
  5. How to develop a digital strategy that’s unique to your business.
  6. How to assess the digital IQ of your team; determine what skills can be grown through training existing employees vs acquiring new talent.
  7. How to decide whether to build your own in-house digital team.
  8. The hard questions to ask your digital agencies.

What Makes this Workshop Different?

Closed-door: No press, no ad agencies, no one selling you services. This workshop is focused on one thing: your learning. 

Case-based: We’re using stories of real Philippine companies to supplement each session, ensuring that you’re learning validated strategies that actually worked. 

Hands-on: You’ll learn how to design and serve your own Google and Facebook ads. Trust us, it’s really easy! Each session uses guided learning, with coaches by your side, keeping sight of digital’s role in your business without becoming too technical. 

Invitation-only: We vet every single attendee to ensure you also get value from informal exchanges and conversations with other business leaders facing the same problems you do. 



  1. Presidents and CEOs who are leading a digital transformation initiative
  2. Small business owners who would like to launch their products or services online
  3. Chief Marketing Officers / Marketing Directors / Brand Directors
  4. Board directors wishing to assess the digital strategies & capabilities of their companies
  5. CFOs who would like to understand the ROI potential of digital


Spend 1 Day for all the digital tools your need

When: Friday, August 4, 9AM to 5:30PM

Where: SquareOne, Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st St, BGC

Workshop Fee: Php 25,000 per slot. Maximum of 4 slots per company. Inclusive of:

  • Full day workshop
  • Guided learning, with teaching assistants on standby
  • Complete presentations and toolkit for you to take home
  • Lunch and coffee
  • Closed-door networking post-event