HACK YOUR BRAND: Marketing for Startups and Technology Ventures

Marketing a technology-driven brand is radically different from marketing a bar of soap. In this workshop, learn to hack your way into acquiring customers and building your brand.  

Saturday, August 15, 2pm - 6pm

A-Space Manila, 110 Legaspi Street (in front of Greenbelt 5), Makati

When Sulit.com.ph rebranded as OLX, the Philippines' most-recognized internet startup faced a formidable challenge. "How do we achieve our long term brand objectives, without alienating our core users who have remained loyal to the Sulit brand for years?" says Meanne Bundalian, OLX's Head of Business Development. 

OLX experienced a crucial challenge all new startups will have to go through: how to create a meaningful impact on the minds and hearts of people - impact that can lead to curiosity, trial, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

This is more than just about creating a positive first impression. It's about carving out a space in the market that is completely and unmistakeably yours. It's a blue ocean approach. It's playing the game on your rules, and not the competition's. It's about wooing that girl in the bar amidst a sea of all-too-similar suitors. 

Prior to joining OLX, Meanne was part of Inquirer.net, where she helped build the country's #1 news portal. At Inquirer.net, the big challenge was how to leverage the Philippine Daily Inquirer's traditional brand strength in what was then a completely new playing field: online news. 

Positioning your startup - especially if its based on a new technological breakthrough - is vital to your success. New technology requires not just new habits, but a drastic reframing of what's possible in the minds of users. Positioning is the bridge between your new product and its users. It's the way to get all the messy code in your brain, translated to a simple message for the user. 

Getting your press release right is incredibly important in sending that message. As a Senior Executive for Marketing at Asian tech blog e27, Bev Tan sees a lot of press releases form startups. A precious minority grabs readers' attention and piques their curiosity. The vast majority are poorly written, with no central, compelling message in mind. That's an enormously wasted opportunity for startups. 

In the New York Times bestseller Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore talked about the importance of driving trial and loyalty among a small, targeted set of technology early adopters. For early stage startups, press coverage and media attention are crucial marketing channels to reach these early adopters. When you don't have a advertising budget of a Rocket Internet venture, your story to the press has to work overtime to break through the noise and stand above the clutter. 

This workshop will have two parts: the art of hacking your brand positioning, the art of communicating that positioning to the press, and the science of customer acquisition. 

You'll learn:

  1. The art of positioning: what it is and how it relates to launching your product
  2. The inside scoop on how OLX succeeded in repositioning its iconic brand
  3. Simple steps and tools to nail down your brand positioning statement
  4. How to write a creative brief that communicates your positioning
  5. Storytelling: how to write a great press release that captures media attention
  6. Simple ways to test to viability of your positioning
  7. How to calculate customer acquisition costs
  8. How to estimate the lifetime value of your customers

We believe learning these skills is crucial for Filipino entrepreneurs. If you're launching a new technology product, you're not just competing with local startups. You're competing with every Silicon Valley startup that's trying to crack Southeast Asia. But Filipinos have a crucial advantage: our boundless creativity. If we can channel that creativity into a new generation of products and brands, then we have a better shot at excelling in the global marketplace. Your brand positioning is part of that arsenal. 

Talks + Speakers: 

  1. How to Position Your Brand: The Inside Story of Sulit's Rebranding as OLX.                   By Meanne Bundalian, Head of Business Development, OLX
  2. Writing the Perfect Press Release: Winning over Tech Blogs and Journalists                    By Bev Tan, Senior Executive, Marketing, e27
  3. How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value                                  By Oliver Segovia, Founder & CEO, AVA

This Half-Day Workshop is Best For: 

  • Startups
  • Digital agencies
  • Digital marketing teams
  • Software companies
  • Freelancers
  • Or any venture focused on technology & innovation

Workshop fee:

  • Php 1,999 (via Paypal)
  • Php 2,499 (at the door)

Inclusive of: 

  • Half-day workshop
  • Brand positioning template
  • Sample press releases
  • Press database
  • Customer acquisition cost Excel template
  • Customer lifetime value Excel template
  • Coffee and snacks

Register here: (via Paypal)