Action Stack was born because of two problems we faced as entrepreneurs: talent and the lack of educational resources.

The first problem we faced is talent. Although the digital scene in Southeast Asia is growing, we felt that the quality of talent needs to improve if local companies are to compete with the best of the world.

The second problem is the lack of credible educational resources. Local universities seem to be severely behind in educating students on technology and digital businesses, opting to spend more money on their basketball teams than on incubating businesses. Local training companies try to offer similar workshops, but we often find the content severely deficient and the instructors lacking real world experience in starting and scaling technology businesses.

So, we decided to do it on our own. And we’ll be doing it by keeping in mind these four core principles:

1.  Have Only the Best Mentors. Action Stack Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs and leaders. We’ve made a difference and are passionate about sharing that experience.

2.  Learn by Doing.  Workshops include hands-on exercises and interactive case discussions because we believe learning from experience is the best teacher.

3.  Help you Get Hired or Help You Start a Company. Partner Companies get a first look at Action Stack graduates so you get insider access to jobs that haven’t even been posted. If you want to start a company, you also get access to our network of advisers, service providers, and angel investors.

4.  Leverage Network Effects. Building this eco-system means starting with people. Part of our goals is to nurture and develop the people that can come together and form a community of innovators and entrepreneurs.